Notes from the boat - the record

Notes from the boat – the record

Greetings from sunny Glasgow!

I started making an album last spring in a very unusual floating recording studio…..

I invited ten musicians to join me aboard my old Dutch sailing boat Sweet Harmony while she was docked at Inverkip on the Clyde just before my brother, Martin, and I set off on a 2,500 mile sailing adventure taking in Ireland, Isle of Man, Wales, England, Spain, Portugal, Madeira and the Canary Islands.

In the Canary Islands I set to work arranging the tracks and adding my own parts on fiddle, tenor guitar, mandolin, melodica and kalimba, and as far as possible making use of all the various noises that a boat makes. You’ll here the lines creaking on cleats and water lapping at the hull, but I also made use of all the percussive sounding things I could hit or shake – my hydrovane sail makes an excellent bass drum – and these sounds pepper the album.

Well it is now finished and the CDs arrived this week! I’m very excited to let you hear this music for the first time. The record will be released officially on the 27th of July but is available to pre-order now via Bandcamp, link below.

‘I have been waiting for a long time. Sometimes, I stumble, I lose my touch, success evades me. What does it matter, for I am then alone. It is thus that I wake up at night, and, still half-asleep, think I hear the sound of waves and the breathing of the waters.’

(Albert Camus, “The Sea Close By”)

Track list:

  1. 1 Last Day featuring Gillian Frame (fiddle, vocals)
  2. 2 Ewing featuring Innes White (mandolin, guitar, tenor guitar)
  3. 3 Wed featuring Anna Massie (guitar, fiddle)
  4. 4 Bright Kirk featuring Ali Vass (melodica, voice)
  5. 5 Teen featuring Mairearad Green (accordion)
  6. 6 Inver featuring Tomás Callister (fiddle)
  7. 7 Voices featuring Corrina Hewat (harp)
  8. 8 Home featuring Conal McDonagh (Whistle)
  9. 9 Speeches featuring Duncan Chisholm (Fiddle)
  10. 10 Art featuring Innes Watson (fiddle, guitar)