Mairearad Green & Mike Vass - A Day a Month

Mairearad Green & Mike Vass – A Day a Month

Mairearad and Mike have been meeting sporadically over the past few years as part of a project they call ‘Day a Month’ with the aim of encouraging each other’s composition work and to collaborate on their music.

They have explored chip tunes, electronica, spoken word, samples and even had a piece performed by McFall’s Chamber as part of the Distil Showcase (Hands up for Trad)

But now they’ve gone back to their roots and have sourced a fantastic collection of traditional material and brought it together on their new album – named ‘Day a Month’

Sourced from various Highland Collections of music, some tunes were picked for their exception melodies, others for their hilariously quirky titles!


Crowdfunding new albums has become very commonplace in the last few years. It is an excellent way of circumventing the greedy record labels and putting the record out ourselves. But we need your support. The Kickstarter is really a pre-order of sorts, a way of ordering the album before the official release, and receiving it early. But there are some other ‘rewards’ in addition to the CD pre-order.¬†Please do check out the link and help with the release if you can!

  • Kickstarter campaign running ’till 25th September
  • CD pre-order
  • Other rewards such as tune commission and tune learning packages.

A preview track is available to listen here on SoundCloud