In the Wake of Neil Gunn

In the Wake of Neil Gunn

May 2014 will see renowned Scottish fiddler and composer Mike Vass undertake a mirror voyage of writer Neil Gunn’s 1937 adventure round the west coast of Scotland, performing community concerts along the way featuring stories, music and local history.

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New piece ‘Doors’ to be showcased in Stirling

New piece ‘Doors’ to be showcased in Stirling 

I’m taking in part in this years Distil Showcase. It is a project run by Simon Thoumire and Dave Francis, and gives young composers the opportunity to develop their skills through both workshops and this showcase opportunity.

My piece ‘Doors’ is inspired by Aldous Huxley’s book ‘The Doors of Perception’ and features McFall’s Chamber and James Duncan MacKenzie on border pipes.

I recently discovered that ‘the Doors’ (the band) took their name from this book!

The showcase features 12 young composers and is on the 4th of May at the Tolbooth in Stirling

Super String Theory, Sunday Jan 24th 2010

Mike Vass. Super String Theory, Sunday Jan 24th 2010, 1pm Strathclyde suite, Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow
‘A current favourite among scientists in search of an all- encompassing hypothesis is super string theory, according to which elementary particles are likened to the notes sounded by a violin string under varying tension. Acclaimed young fiddler Mike Vass co-opts this concept with poetic licence for his New Voices premiere, which seeks to unite the disparate elements of his own creative universe in cahoots with some of his favourite musicians. Within an eight-piece line-up including his pianist sister Ali, piper Calum MacCrimmon and multi-instrumentalist Anna Massie – with everyone also enlisted on vocals – each individual’s response to Vass’s written parts will feed integrally into the performance.’
(Sue Wilson)

Ali Vass: Piano, Vocals
Anna Massie: Guitar, Banjo, Fiddle, Mandolin, Vocals
Dave Wood: Guitar, Bouzouki, Vocals
Calum MacCrimmon: Whistle, Bagpipes, Vocals
Megan Henderson: Accordion, Fiddle, Vocals
Stevie Fyvie: Percussion, Vocals
Mike Vass: Fiddle, Guita, Vocals
James Lindsay: Bass

42 Beech Avenue and other stories of sofa surfing

Waking Life
Inspired by Richard Linklater’s film of the same name

Man’s Search for Meaning
Inspired by the Viktor E Frankl’s book about his experiences in a Concentration Camp during World War Two

Arden Street Suite
Inspired by being at home

Some wee sound clips of the previous rehearsal can be found here: